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Now a days Android smart phones has been  playing a vital roles in market.. Lot of user thinks of how to compile and execute Java program…. Sand is an integrated development environment(IDE) for Java in Android platform .Due to this user shall be able to compile and execute the java programs.. Sand has a very powerful Java editor inside, keywords highlighting for Java, showing line number, undo/redo feature, automatically close are all supported. Sand has a complete Java compiler, Java projects can be built by Sand. Sand can run Java programs, output and input are both supported by Console of Sand
In a word, Sand turns your Android device into a real development tool.

Features of Java programming Ide in android.

A powerful Java editor. Keywords highlighting, showing line number, undo/redo feature, automatically close, automatically indentation are all supported

A complete Java compiler. Support from Java 1.3 to Java 1.6.(Android doesn't support Java 1.7)

Bluetooth keyboard supported

A Console which is in charge of Input from users and Output from compiler and Java programs

Import external JARs into Java project

Import your Favorite RT.jar

You can download rt.jar(1.6.0_24) from the project web page:
download rt.jar


The memory Sand can use is limited. When you compile and run some very large Java project, Sand may become a little bit slow. It depends on the hardware of your device. 
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Installing software’s in BOSS for government Laptop.

 In order to install your favorite software in BOSS linux which is preloaded in tamilnadu government laptop use  Synaptic Package Manager in boss. The Synaptic Package Manager enables you to install and manage the software on your system. To open Synaptic Package manager Click on System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

Installing a package/application using Synaptic Package Manager

1. click on search to find a package , a dialog appears on the screen type the package name in it and click on search. If that package is found it will get displayed on the screen.

2. Right click on that package and select mark for installation.

3. You can mark all the packages that you need and finally click on apply button.

The packages that are marked for installation are downloaded and installed from the boss repository onto your system.

Removing a package/application using Synaptic Package Manager

To remove a package right click on it and select "Mark for Removal" and then choose apply.

If you want to remove the package along with the configuration files right click and select "Mark for complete removal" This removes all the unwanted packages.

Installing package/application through shell prompt

First connect to the boss repository.

1. Open the sources.list file (ie) Run the command

                    vi /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Find out whether these lines are there in that file

                    deb savir main contrib non-free

                    deb-src savir main contrib non-free

If these lines are not present then you must include these lines into your file and quit with saving. Comment all the unnecessary lines. Lines that
start with '#' symbol means are commented.

3.Once you have connected to the BOSS repository run this command

                    apt-get update

This command is used to resynchronize the package index files from their sources. The indexes of available packages are fetched from the locations specified in /etc/apt/sources.list.

4. You can search packages by running the command

                    apt-cache search package name

It searches the package names and the descriptions for an occurrence of the regular expression and prints out the package name and the short description, including virtual package names.

5. From the description provided find out the apt package you need and run the command

                    apt-get install package name

Using this command the package , all dependent packages required by the packages specified for installation will be retrieved and installed.The /etc/apt/sources.list file is used to locate the desired packages.

Removing packages from shell prompt

To remove unwanted packages run the command

                    apt-get --purge remove packagename

To remove the package along with dependencies run the command

                    apt-get autoremove

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To Change BOSS password of tamilnadu Government Laptop

For government laptops provided  by government sometime in BOSS Linux will request for password.          The default password will be combination of  following password. Depend on different laptops.
·         username: boss, password: boss
·         username: root, password: root
·         username: boss, password: root

Steps to Change Boss Password
        In BOSS window you able to System in the bottom.
          Click on System -> Administration -> Users and Groups.

Then click on change password.
In order to change the admin password  
Go to Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

Type sudo -i and press the Enter key.

If it asks for a password, enter your first password.
·         username: boss, password: boss
·         username: root, password: root
·         username: boss, password: root
password will be combination of above..

If it is successful,

Now, type passwd

Enter the new password.

The system will not accept weak passwords, however if you want to make life simpler at your own peril, type pam-auth-update --remove passwdqc

After you've given that the system will not bother you when you enter weak passwords.
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Tamilnadu Government Free Laptop BOSS password

For laptops provided  by TNgovernment sometimes in BOSS Linux will request for password.      The default password will be combination of  following password. Depend on different laptops.
·         username: boss, password: boss
·         username: root, password: root
·         username: boss, password: root
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